My palatine uvula is really swollen and really red.

Patient: My palatine uvula is really swollen and really red, and it gives me unbearable pain when o try to eat anything, is there some way I can stop this?

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You seem to be suffering from Acute Pharyngitis that is ca using you the pain.This is in most cases viral in origin and responds well to to gargling with warm saline water. You can take anti Allergic like Levocetrizine. Throat lozenges are going to help you greatly.In case you get any fever then you would need to take Paracetamol. No antibiotics are indicated in routine Viral pharyngitis.This should start improving in a day and would get normal in 3-5 days.I hope it helps you.If you have any further query, please ask me.