My partner and I have recently tried to conceive for

Patient: My partner and I have recently tried to conceive for the first time. Because I have been told by my PCP that I appear to be incredible fertile we decided to try and use early detection tests beginning four days prior to my expected period (April 4th). I took the first test March 31st and though the line was faint it did appear to be there. The next day I took another test and tough still faint this test seemed to be a much clearer positive. On Tuesday I also experienced nausea for the first time almost directly after eating. Wednesday morning I woke up not feeling very well, took the test, which seemed fainter but still positive and proceeded to feel sicker and sicker throughout the day. My head was extremely congested, I was nauseous, and had a slight fever. By that evening I decided that it would be better to take one dose of Advil than to continue with my fever which was over 100 and began feeling a little better about an hour later. Prior to bed my partner and I engaged in intercourse, after which he noticed that I seemed to be bleeding a little bit. The bleeding was minimal and stopped alms it immediately so we thought that maybe it could be due to increased circulation to my cervix, if I was indeed pregnant. I did not bleed any more that night nor was there any blood this morning when I woke up. I noted that my stomach felt less queasy when I got up and while I am still congested it appears to be improving. I took a test again and this time the line was so faint that I began to wonder if maybe I was indeed not pregnant. Then, early this afternoon I began bleeding a very brown colored blood. This struck me as very odd because I typically do not have a dark period and most importantly my period is always incredibly regular. My period has never come on a day that I did not expect it took and it should not have started until the 4th so it was two full days early. I know that my partners blood type is A positive but I do not know my own blood type. I am wondering if I should consider getting it tested, or if I am overthinking.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You should always know your blood type. It is important as it is very useful to know wh en you are taking or giving blood. In pregnancy, knowing the blood group can help you to prevent erythroblastosis fetalis.EF is a disease where your body may start to attack the babies RBC causing you to bleed and death or a lot of damage to the fetus.Get your blood checked as soon as possible. And also get your babies’ blood group checked. Hope this helps you. All the best.