My penis feels like it pops out of place

Patient: Hey 🙂 Recently I have noticed that when my penis is erect, when moved to the left or right, it feels like it kind of pops out of position! Also, it curves to the left quite a bit and upwards and hurts when I try to move it too the right :/ I’m not sure but I think it could be to do with the fact that I used to do this weird thing when I was younger where I would lay on my belly and have my hands where my penis is and start moving up and down which just acted like another way to masturbate. It applied a lot of pressure on my penis and because I used my right hand, that may be why it curves to the left. It also might be why it curves up as it has been under a lot of pressure as my body weight would have been on it. Someone please reply, I am kind of worried and would like help.Thanks