My pennis cant get erect with out using my hand . and i have no arousal feelings nor pleasure feelin

Patient: Hello sir Iam 21 years old.I have a sexual problem which is tormenting my life and wanna explain you . I have a girl friend since three years and last year we have an opportunity to have sex. when she hugged me tightly my heart felt little nervous and suddenly i went off the sex and jus kissed her . but from then onwards iam not getting aroused on seeing a girl or porn or any thing else. even my pennis is not rising and iam not getting any fleshy feelings in girl. i can rub my pennis with hand so that it becomes softly erected and i can release the sperm. But all that i have to do with my hand and pennis by itself is not rising. and I absolutely not feeling any pain neither enjoying the pleasure of releasing the sperm since that one year. Due to financial constraints I cant visit doctor at this younger age so please suggest me the solution.Iam vexed up with it. I want to inform you that i was very normal and very very active and easily can get aroused and my pennis was perfect before that incident. I have no relation ship problems or any health problems. so please help solving my problem

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you are having such a distressing time with erectile dysfunction. There c ould be a number of cause of your condition. First of all, your inability to initiate and maintain an erection could be due to anxiety. Many men struggle with performance anxiety which can result in difficulty with erections. Furthermore, it is possible that you have developed insensitivity to your penile tissue due to excessive masturbation. We recommend that you refrain from masturbation for several weeks to see if this will assist you when you are intimate with your partner. There could be some medical causes of erectile dysfunction such as problems with circulation, blood pressure, or an enlarged prostate. We do not want to rule out any of these medical causes of your erectile dysfunction so we want you to follow up with your doctor to have a genital examination to be certain there are no anatomical or physiological causes for symptoms.Thank you for consulting with your health question.