My period ended about two weeks ago I had some

Patient: My period ended about two weeks ago I had some itching and tendertendtenderness on the left breast just under my nipple my left breast and nipple is more tender then my right yet my right nipple is also tender and I am having the same tender on the right but it’s not as sore. I also noticed my left nipple protruding more than my right but my right is not flat or invertedI am now noticing my right breast is also a little swollen I am on mononessa birth control pills and has been for almost a year or so the symptoms just started hitting me a couple days ago about almost a week I would say I’m very scared of the possibility of cancer I tried to call for an appointment for my nurse practitioner to see me but unfortunately she would not be able to see me till possibly Monday should I be very worried right now

Symptoms: Both breasts tender both nipples tender left nipple protruding more than right some tenderness underneath both my nipples on both breasts right one is starting to swell some

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Birth control pills can cause a hormonal imbalance and hence your breast can hurt. Ho wever, the symptoms that you have mentioned could not be due to cancer as they resemble the ones due to a hormonal imbalance. Do not worry for now . Consider consulting a surgeon for an examination and specific investigations. You may need an ultrasound of the breast or a mammography. This would clear your doubts. Evening primrose oil daily supplements can really help.Hope this helped.Regards