My period is coming to an end as now when

Patient: My period is coming to an end as now when I wipe I only see brown now. But when I cramp, if only happened the day I get my period. This time I cramped off and on throughout my entire period and I am still cramping right now and I’m very confused why this is happening because it never happened before.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Pain which disappears on the first day of getting the cycles is spasmodic dysmenorrhea and needs only symptomatic treatment and no further investigations. However, if the pain lasts longer for many days, it is important to rule out ovarian cysts, torsion and uterine disorders and endometriosis. Kindly consult a gynecologist and get an ultrasound examination done to rule out the above-mentioned causes.The doctor will treat you accordingly. If everything is normal, a course of birth control pills will help.Hope this helped.Regards