My period is late, am I pregnant?

Patient: I think i might be pregnant. I have irregular period from cycles of 20-36 days. I have never missed a period before , everything seems normal. I don’t feel pregnant but I don’t understand why I don’t have my period. I’m really worried i might be pregnant. My last period was march 17-22 its already over 40 days without a period.

Symptoms: i have no symptoms of pregnancy. I feel like i have my period but I dont instead i have a very light discharge it clear and normal nothing is different about it.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is better you opt for a home pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant or not. Sometimes h ormonal imbalance, changes in lifestyle, excessive weight loss or gain, excessive exercise, stress, strain, anxiety can cause delay in periods. So it is better to see a doctor who will do a scan to diagnose the underlying reason for the delayed periods.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Guest: Hi I need some help I haven’t had a period since the 18th of April and was meant to be due on the 19/05/14 and I think I might be 5weeks and 3days pregnant I taken 4 test all came back negative but I had this problem twice before with my other two children with my son I took 4tests all negative so went to gp and they did one for me and still came back negative so they did a blood test and it come back I was 12weeks pregnant and the same thing happens with my daughter I took three test spaces out and the gp did one and came back negative so did a blood test and it come back I was 8weeks pregnant so the doctors told me the levels of chug isn’t high enough for me to do a pregnancy test so I have to do a blood test each time so I guess I’m wondering what you guys think what the odds I am pregnant I don’t want to go to gp and look like a ass if I’m not so ?? My last period was the 18/04/14 and I was on for 5days and I was meant to come on the. 19/05/14 and I’m a week late my cycle is 31 days and I ovulated on from the 30/04/14 until 7//05/14 well that’s what the calendar says and it states I’m 5weeks and 3days I’ve had cramps missed period needed a wee a lot my feel heavy some times and I’ve gone of some foods what are the chance of me been pregnant??

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