My periods started on 13th June I had sex on

Patient: My periods started on 13th June. I had sex on 17th while being still in my periods. I was a virgin so I obviously bled. The condom broke but he didn’t ejaculate inside. To be safe, I took an ECP (Emkit) within 6 hours. Everything went normal but on 22nd June, I had some light bleeding for 2 days. We had unprotected anal sex after that. So I panicked and took another Emkit tablet which I later realized was an overdose.I have a regular 28 days cycle. I researched that the bleeding can be from the side-effects of the medicine so it’s normal. I had mood swings on 24th although I didn’t bleed but today, on 25th June I had light bleeding again. What are the chances I might be pregnant and what should I do?

Symptoms: Bleeding