My problem exists with a tattoo I have I’ve had

Patient: My problem exists with a tattoo I have. I’ve had consultation about laser surgery and the reaction wasn’t too great it’s taken 6-8 weeks to calm down but is still swollen/bigger (than the rest of it at normal size) and I was advised to either leave it for a while or forget it altogether. They were half and half to be honest so I’m double checking their position on this as they recommended researching into ReJuvi which as it turns out is far worse, has far more side effects (red blotches, severe scarring) and advised by practices that used to do ReJuvi to “stay away from it at all costs”.So, worst case is, is that it scars where my tattoo is/was on top of the current scars – as the tattooist seems to have dug in a fair bit when doing it (10 years ago now) – if I were to go ahead with the laser procedure. My question is, if it does scar again, I had read (forgot the link or what I even search for) that either a certain type of Doctor or procedure can be done whereby a needle is inserted and the cells underneath the scar are removed, taking down the the swelling/size of the scar. If this is the case it seems like a very viable option that’d be happy with. Can you confirm if you know of the procedure or one similar and if so what the process is, please?If it makes any difference, for recovery or health issues, I am a 28 year old male and live a healthy lifestyle and of normal weight.

Symptoms: Swelling/scarring