My question is, I had my period two times last

Patient: My question is, I had my period two times last month. the second one wasn’t too much. I always start my period the first days of the month. I haven’t gotten my period I’m 4 days late. am I pregnant or will I start a Lil late because I had two periods last month?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Little bit of irregularity in periods can occur due to many causes.Usually menstrual cycle with length of 21 days to 35 days should be considered as normal only.Second period with less bleeding you mentioned could be possibly intermenstrual spotting due to gonadal imbalance, bleeding due to local causes like cervical erosion etc.So, better to wait for few more days. If you do not get periods even one week after expected date, please go for urine pregnancy test once to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.Take care