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My question is pertaining to the possibility of pregnancy My

Patient: My question is pertaining to the possibility of pregnancy. My girlfriend was touching my penis using lotion, then touched herself for lubrication with the same hand. I did not ejaculate and we did not have sex. Is there any chance she is pregnant from this?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A natural pregnancy is only possible when there is a direct unprotected contact of the male penis with a female vagina followed by penetration and ejaculation of semen inside the vagina. This also needs an important factor of the woman being in her fertile days of the menstrual cycle.There is no chance of pregnancy in your case as there has not been any such an act of penetration at all. You can relax and stay sure about it. Pregnancy will not happen by mere touching or rubbing of genitals alone.Hope this helps.Feel free to write back for further clarification.Regards



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Patient: I also have a question about sti transmission. I received oral sex from a female over two weeks ago. It only lasted for 20 seconds and there was no ejaculation. neither of us have symptoms of anything but I am unfamiliar with her past history so I took std tests but it will still be another week or so before I get them and I am very anxious about it. I just wanted to see what the likelyhood of me getting gonorrhea or chlamydia from this exposure would be?

Doctor: Even if there is a sexual contact by oral route, even for 20 seconds, there are chamces of getting an sti transmitted.

Patient: My last follow up pertains to chances of pregnancy again. If we had sex, using a condom, and I put the condom on the wrong way at first, then once I realized it wasn’t sliding down, switched it around the right way and put it on then had sex. is there a chance of pregnancy because of pre ejaculatory fluid on the condom when I put it on the wrong way at first?

Doctor: There exists a very minimal possibility of a pre ejaculate having to cause a pregnancy. However, if you had ejaculate even a little and did not realise, the risk increases.


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