My shoulder is hurting and i have a painting job

Patient: My shoulder is hurting and i have a painting job. Should i really be concern about it or is it nothing?

Symptoms: Pain in right shoulder

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on Ask The Doctor.It is important that we determine what is causing your shoulde r pain before even starting any type of treatment.As pain is with movements it appears that it may be more of the muscular strain and spasm.Such type of pain is relived usually with bed rest and painkillers.Most of the times it is self limiting and nothing much is required to do. Rest to the part, physiotherapy and stretching workout shall help in relieving pain.Local heat therapy and painkillers like Advil could help reliving in relieving pain.Drink lot of water. Taking vitamin C and B complex and calcium would be helpful. You are advised to eat fruits and raw vegetables to enhance antioxidants in your body.If problem persists, please consult your doctor. You may require extensive physiotherapy to get control over the problem.Wish you a good health.