My shoulder knot is causing me pain numbness and insomnia

Patient: I have a golf ball size knot on my upper trapezeist shoulder area and it’s causes my whole arm and hand to hurt while also becoming numb takes a while to get it moving in the morning and it has been there for 2 weeks now and wakes me up at night with my whole arm and hand numb and in pain s

Symptoms: Pain down right arm and numbness in hand and down arm golf ball size knot in eight upper back and shoulder

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This swelling could be caused by either an enlarged sebaceous cyst or a lipoma. Both of the se are benign swellings beneath the surface of the skin. Given the size of this swelling and its effect on your entire arm it is possible that it is placing pressure on the nerves supplying your arm. It is very important to have this examined by your doctor in person. It will likely need to be surgically removed. Once removed, you should recover without complication.Thank you for your consulting