My sinuses and my right ear is stopped up

Patient: I went to the er and they said I had bronichitis and gave me a zpack and I finished it all and it got rid of the coughing fits I was having but after I finished it 2 days later my sinius stopped up and when I bent over or went from a sitting to a standing postion my ear would stop up ( like when u changed elevation) but like 4 days ago my right ear stopped up and it wont unstop it don’t hurt or anything it just stopped up and sometimes when I move to fast I will get dizzy but it really aint messin with my equalibruim do u know what is goin on my boyfriend went with me to er and they said he had bronchitis to and gave him a zpack same time as me and we both finished it and he is well now but I am not do u know what is goin on

Symptoms: Sneezing head and ear stopped up