My son 20 month and has rashes little bombs

Patient: My son 20 month and has rashes little bombs i tried everything

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.The red colored bumps as you mentioned in your child is most likely due to a condi tion of skin called Urticaria. Urticaria can be acute, chronic and acute on chronic. When duration of the disease is more than 6weeks, it is known as Chronic Urticaria.It is characterised by red colored itchy transient eruptions over body. It can be caused by allergy to recent infection, any food, seasonal change, drugs, pollen grains etc.In children, the most likely cause often implicated is infection. If found, proper antibiotics are started.Antihistaminics like Chlorpheniramine is given for symptomatic relief.Visit your doctor so that he can examine your child and give you prescription.You can share my opinion with him. I hope it helps.Take care.