My son is 16 and he is having migrains very

Patient: My son is 16 and he is having migrains very bad nose bleeds tiredness dizziness he is a healthy child except when he was born he was 3wks early and spent a few weems in neo icu can you please help me find out whats wrong with him

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Nosebleeds are common in children and adolescents. I do not think there is anything wron g with your son.A migraine occurs due to dilatation of the arteries in the head. The dilatation causes pain and a throbbing headache. A migraine starts because of trigger factors like the sun, loud music, cold and even exercise.Here are a few things to help:Drink lots of waterAvoid the trigger factorsTake paracetamol 3 to 4 times a daySteam inhalationDo get your Blood pressure checked to rule out any other disease. Headaches and nosebleeds can happen with High blood pressure as well.Hope this helps.