My son is mild in education and not showing active interest.

Patient: My son is mild in education and not showing active interest.Does nootropics drugs help to improve?He is having asthma. He is not taking any drugs now. Uses inhaler.He is 14 years old and studying 9th standard.Can the nootropics drug become addictive and can it be stopped after using for some time?I need help on brain boosters.

Symptoms: He is suffering from asthma
Occasional cold

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your question and can understand your concern.Nootropics Are cognitiv e enhancers and are known to enhance alertness and improve memory. Their effect is however debatable and are advocated for use by few evidences.They have been more helpful in cases of children with intellectual disability and Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder .If you feel your child is showing lesser interest in studies there are few aspects to be looked upon before starting any medication.1) His intelligent quotient(IQ) can be checked upon.2) He can be talked about reason behind his low interest in studies. Sometimes undue pressure from school, peer pressure and bullying can be reasons found in this age group.3) some disorders like dyslexia or any sort of communication disorder can be ruled out.It is advisable for you to show your child to a psychotherapist/ psychiatrist to get him evaluated before taking help of medicines.Nootropics are usually considered non addictive but are known to cause brain fog in some cases where perceptual problems have been reported after discontinuation.Hope this helpsFeel free to write backRegards