My son poked me in the eye yesterday morning, all

Patient: My son poked me in the eye yesterday morning, all day I had blurred vision and it feels like there is something under my eyelid. My eye now feels very weak and keeps watering.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Looks like it is a post-traumatic inflammation of the eye. The eye and the eyelid is a very sensitive area and has a lot of minute blood capillaries over the area. It can lead to accumulation of fluid and cause excessive watering involving the lacrimal glands as well.Kindly see an ophthalmologist for an examination and the rule out any major injury. If all fine, the doctor may start you on anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics to relieve pains and other symptoms. Rest your eye and avoid straining them by continuous reading or eye opening.Do not apply anything over the area or over the counter eye drops until you see the doctor. Ice packs or hot compressions may help.Hope this helped.Regards