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My son recently had a cbc done His wbc was

Patient: My son recently had a cbc done. His wbc was normal, 6.9….his rbc was 4.69 and everything else was with in normal except his eosinophil which was 9.1% and his lymphocytes which was 51.2%. The Dr office said everything was normal, but those seem extremely high. He doesn’t produce growth hormone and he is epileptic, should I be concerned and get a second opinion?




Symptoms: He is Bruising easily

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Eosinophil counts are raised in situations of Allergy. This can be Allergy due to worm infestation or Allergic due to Allergic rhinitis or Bronchitis.Lymphocytes are raised in conditions like Viral infection or any bacterial infection.I would advice in such scenario to take anti Allergic drug like Levocetrizine for a few days and to de-worm him by using anti helminthic drugs like Albandazole.I don’t find any reason to take second opinin for these issues.Get a repeat test after 15 days of anti Allergic medicines and de worming.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.


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