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My son was born with a mole on his cheek

Patient: My son was born with a mole on his cheek. It’s about as round as a pencil eraser and hasn’t grown or changed really. Just growing with him. Lots of face hairs come out of it. I have a photo. I’m worried that it could be something bad?!



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.A mole can be present since birth, the important factor is there should be no chang in the shape/ size and there should be no associated itching or redness in the area. Hair protrusion is nothing to be worried about.In cases of melanoma which can arise from the mole, such moles will rapidly change in size, and more importantly the area will always be itchy and can even end up with a discharge. You can periodically keep feeling for any change in size, shape or texture. Even if it does, with a periodic assessment you will know in the first stage itself, and interventions can be done.Since people ignore these developments in most cases, it ends up metastasizing and causing mortality. The only way to know if the mole is malignant, the diagnosis of choice is the biopsy.So please do not worry as of now, kindly observe it for any change in behavior.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Thank you. Is this common in childhood to change?
And could he have this his whole life with no change? And is first stage melanoma easy to see changes of?

Patient: Hi I’m sorry. Also, does that picture look normal?

Doctor: Hello,
It is not very common for a childhood mole to change, so definitely the chances are very low.
Yes, in his whole life, it may not change at all.
And even in the first stage melanoma, it begins with changes in the mole as I mentioned, and you will be able to notice it. People ignore the changes and hence come when the damage has already been done.
The picture looks normal. Please do not worry.


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