My sore throat and fever

Patient: Have had a sore throat now for 24 hours. I was woundering would i for sure run a fever if it is strep throat ?

Doctor: Not necessarily, Fever might be present in both viral and/or bacterial infections. The most common cause of a sore throa t is a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu and usually resolves on its own with home care since viral process ends on its own. A bacterial infection which is a less common cause of sore throat requires additional treatment with antibiotic drugs.If you notice that you present small white patches on the back of your throat, this could be a sign of bacterial infection, and then I would suggest you to consult your primary care physician for an antibiotic prescription. In the meantime you could try salty gargles to alleviate the pain, get plenty of rest, increase your fluid intake and you could also try Advil and Tylenol to treat your symptoms. I wish you a prompt recovery.