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My symptoms: large amounts of throat mucus; persistent cough; and

Patient: My symptoms: large amounts of throat mucus; persistent cough; and hoarseness. Negative strep test and prescription for ZPAC filled and taken. Anything else to do for diagnosis and/or treatment?




Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Large amounts of throat mucus – persistent cough – hoarseness – Neg strep – Zpac – wants to know anything else – for Dx/RxIt depends upon whether the symptoms are of short duration – say a week or long duration of more than a week.- If of short duration:Zpac should work well to control for any infection.Better to take symptomatic and supportive treatment in the form of:- Anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen to lessen the overall edema that is causing the symptoms.- Anti-tussive for controlling the cough- any cough syrup. This is important as you have hoarseness and more the cough more is the strain on the vocal cords causing more hoarseness.- Oral Steroids after a few days if needed if the symptoms are not controlled.- Voice rest- Avoid all the allergens and pollutants like dust, fumes, scents of any sort, smoke and anything that you must have noticed to instigate or enhance the symptoms.- Warm liquids in small quantity but frequently as it has self cleansing actions.- Soft bland diet- warm.- Bed rest if the symptoms are troubling and maintain room temperature meaning avoid exposure to changed weather and/or ambient temperatures.If of long duration:- Treatment remains same as above and in addition:- Any further tests of blood, X-ray or CT scan of sinuses if sinusitis with postnasal drip is suspected.X-ray of the chest if the congestion is more.All these are the efforts to know whether there is any focus of infection or the after effects of respiratory tract infection.I hope this answer helps you to get an early relief and possible complete cure.


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