My testicles are always really itchy I don’t have an

Patient: My testicles are always really itchy. I don’t have an STI and I’ve been to the doctor.

Doctor: Hi.The commonest cause of the testicles / scrotal skin to be itching is the dermatitis with primary problem of derma titis going into secondary changes of fungal or bacterial infection, added on by the sweating and the hot and humid conditions you may be living.I would advise you the following:First of all clean the scrotum 3 to 4 tines in a day with plain water and dry the area with a hair dryer so that the water is all evaporated, removing the dirt , the dead skin and organism and keeping the area clean.Use loose cloths all the timeWhenever possible expose the area to the atmosphere like when you are in your room.Do not use any ointments, soaps or chemicals as this skin here is different that the rest of the body.You can take oral antibiotics, antihistamines to control the itch, anti-fungal tablets and multivitamins.if still no control take an opinion of a Dermatologist for further proper diagnosis and treatment.Hope this helps you.