My testicles are hurting and causing me pain

Patient: Hi adont no if i should of selected the things i have but i need a doctors advise.i am 21 years of age and i have strong pains coming from my testicles it seems to be the more i move the more the pain worsens.i have had trouble for a couple of years now but have never said enithing.but yet the pains have only just started i have tried to make an appointment with the my local doctors but they told me 3 week please could u getbak to me before my.. excuse my language. ball sack it feels to be like a tissue feeling and the tube thing is extremly painfull.adont no what to do so eni advise would be great thanks.

Doctor: Testicular pain could be caused by a number of conditions such as infection (epididymitis), trauma or injury, testicular torsion or varicocele. Since your symptoms are worsening, I would suggest going to the ER to rule out testicular torsion, which is a medical emergency. It is rare and occurs when the testicles “twist” and cut of the blood supply.  It causes acute severe swelling and needs to “untwisted” within 5 hours.  Surgery is commonly required.