My throat and ears itch non stop

Patient: My throat and ears itch non stop. It is sooo annoying . I do have allergies. I take singular daily. Ive taken sudafed every 4 hours. Ears still are itchy. Throat is scratchy. What can I put in my ears to stop the itch? What should I take? Should I make an appt. With an ENT?

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.You seem to be suffering from Upper Respiratory tract infection (URTI).Don’t put anything in the ear. Take a consultation from a Physician or ENT specialist.For URTI, I advise as follows:1. To take an antibiotic like Azithromycin.2. To take an anti-allergic like Levocetirizine3. To do warm saline gargles.4. To do steam inhalation5. To take Paracetamol on as or when required basis for fever and body pains.Share my opinion with your Doctor before you act upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.