My throat has felt tight for the past two days

Patient: My throat has felt tight for the past two days and is not painfully but annoying. I feel a need to swallow repeatiently every so often. Drinking water can satifsfy it for a short time. It is very uncomfortable and I am not on any medications. What do you think it might be and what might I do to relive the syntoms, and is there a possiblitiy that this could be dangerous?

Symptoms: Swollen throat, uncomfortable, small lump near Addams apple, dry, feel like swallowing often

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history of feeling tight and annoying in the throat, need to swallow repeatedly, drinkin g water satisfies for a short period.This could be due to pharyngitis causing the minor salivary glands not working properly, causing the dryness, needing to swallow water again and again.I would advise you to consult a Doctor for examination and get a clinical evaluation for proper treatment.Complete the courses.Wishing you the best of health.