My thyroid ultrasound reads as follows: FINDINGS: the righ

Patient: My thyroid ultrasound reads as follows:FINDINGS: the right love of the thyroid is normal in size with a homeogeneous Echo pattern. The right lobe measures 49 x 13 x 19 mm and no nodules are present. The left lobe of the thyroid contains a large comes nodule which measures 21 x 16 x 17 mm and contains focal cyst-like areas and intermingled with more solid appearing components. Color Doppler show mild intrinsic vascularity.IMPRESSION: the right lobe of the thyroid is normal in size with no nodules or other abnormalities. There is a large complex nodule in the left mid thyroid with both solid and cyst like appearing components, but there is some low-grade intrinsic blood flow and there may also be some calcifications present.Please advise.

Symptoms: Sensitive to cold, light headed, fatigue.

My thyroid ultrasound reads...-1

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you on this medical health advice platform.You have a thyroid nodul e that might be causing thyroiditis and the symptoms you are getting. I would advise you in such scenario, to get FNAC of the nodule , which on histopathological examination will rule out its etiology. Also, you would require to get a Thyroid Scan done, which tells us that the nodule as hot spot or cold spot. You would also require to get a Thyroid profile done and diagnosis is made on compiling all these three reports. Treatment would be based on the diagnosis.Share my opinion with your doctor and get investigated.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy