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My toddler (female/2YR) has remarkable swelling in her mons pubis area.

Patient: My toddler (female/2YR) has remarkable swelling in her mons pubis area. It is not tender, and she is not having trouble walking. She has no fever, no rash, behavior is normal, urine output is normal and she is eating and drinking just fine. What could this be?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,This could be a Bartholin gland cyst which is not painful and f ormed due to blockage of Bartholin gland duct blockage. This should be evaluated by a gynaecologist locally and firstly confirmed and if small yet asymptomatic then, no active treatment needs to be done for the same.The sweeping if it would have been large then this could have been surgically managed with a nick or incision over it to extrude the cystic fluid and alleviate the blockage.It would be appreciated if you can attach the picture of the lesion for a better purview.I hope I have answered your question.



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Patient: Thank you. I have attached two photos of the area that is swollen. It does seem consistent with possibly fluid as the area is not hard or seem like there is something solid like a lump.

Doctor: The area appears inflamed and red, this is not bartholins cyst , as it is high up and likely to be due a possible napkin rash. Red streaks are also visible on the thighs which indicate towards a rash induced inflammation. It is advised that cold compresses if the baby allows, should be practiced over the area thrice a day and you may consider a change of the napkin brand. i the inflammation and swelling doesn’t subside in next 48 hrs then please visit her paediatrician for a local examination.


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