My toenails are layering for 3 years. I need a solution.

Patient: I’ve been having problems with my toenails for at least 3 years because of the school shoes that I used to wear. Its been 2 years since I stop wearing them and toenails have not gotten better. I went to several foot doctor all of them saying my toenail should go back to normal after it grows out but it hasn’t. My toenails are layering. Like I have the old nail on top and new nail under it. Its not causing pain and its not a fungal issue. I really just want my toenails back to normal.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The most common cause of thickened toe nails is a fungal infection which can be very diffic ult to treat. However, if this was ruled out by your doctor, then the injury sustained by your toenails from the shoes you are wearing may be a likely cause. Since this has been present for three years, you may need to seek the consultation of a dermatologist to determine the best course of treatment of this condition. This may benefit from antiinflammatory creams or the accumulated layers may need to be removed in order to facilitate the growth of health new toenails. Please consult a dermatologist for further evaluation.Thank you for consulting