My tongue has a few slight cracks on the front

Patient: My tongue has a few slight cracks on the front and was sore in that area a week ago. The pain is now gone but I lost some of my taste this weekend and have a mild dry clammy feeling in my mouth. A friend who is a nurse looked at my tongue yesterday and said my tongue looked normal. Other than that I feel fine (although this is causing anxiety).I am a non smoker and I don’t drink and the only medication I take is over the counter Nytol for sleep (I usually only take half the dose). While I was checking out my tongue I may have scratched some of the tastebuds.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a vitamin deficiency or an allergy to some substance. You can try taking tablet Levocet once a day for 3 days to help you. Also take lots of water and take in multivitamin pills to help you.If you are not better after 3 days, please see a Doctor. All the best.Hope this helps you.