My vomit tastes like soap NOT flouride please help!

Patient: Please help I’m starting to panic over this. I’ve felt like I’ve had a fever and achy ness as well as nausea for the past 3 days. Today I was feeling a little bit better until I vomited and IT TASTED LIKE SOAP. No I do not use flouride I wear dentures and I do not ingest more than a cup or two of tap water a week tops usually less than that. There is no source of flouride in my diet which is why I’m panicking…everyone who asked about soap taste in their mouth was told it was flouride buildup. So what’s wrong with me? I’ve had a mild pain in my stomach I describe as like a ballon is in there which I thought to be gas and have suffered from acid reflux most of my life. Please get back to me ASAP. I have no insurance and I am fighting a very strong urge to run to the ER even though my brain is telling me it could be nothing. Please help thank you.

Symptoms: Vomit tastes like soap and soap taste sticks around for some time after vomiting. Very bubbly vomit orange in color