My wife and I had intercourse and this time I

Patient: My wife and I had intercourse and this time I used more force then usually and she’s in extreme pain in the abominable are. A year ago she had an IUD implanted but we don’t know if it’s that. She can barley move and whatever way she sits to get comfortable she can’t.. Could it be The IUD that’s causing the pain because I used more force then other times? Or is it just her body.. We don’t know if we should go to the hospital or not

Symptoms: Extreme lower stomach pain, sensation to throw up

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Due to vigorous sex, the IUD could have got displaced in the uterine cavity and must b e causing discomfort. The other cause could be some vaginal irritation or a haematoma, that is the collection of blood, that has gone unnoticed.Kindly take her to the hospital and consult a gynecologist for an examination. A muscle ache must also be ruled out. Avoid sexual intercourse until she feels completely alright.Hope this helped.Regards