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My wife and me are trying to conceive in 76

Patient: My wife and me are trying to conceive in 76 days. Stupidly I did some cocaine yesterday and was wondering if 76 days is enough for the cocaine to be out of my system and sperm and not affecting the fetuce in any way? Appteciate a specialist answer.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for a specialist’s opinion,It is to be understood that cocaine follows a first order kinetics for elimination from boys and hence within 5 half lives it should be eliminated completely from the body, but in general, cocaine metabolites like benzoylecgonine can be detected in urine 2–4 days after use for sporadic users and up to 12 days after use for chronic users or following a binge. Still, another factor in the detection of cocaine in the system is mode of administration and dosage. For example, an intravenous dose of 20 mg cocaine can be detected for 1.5 days while street doses of cocaine (administered via different routes) can be detectable up to 1 week. Extremely high doses of cocaine can be found in the system up to 3 weeks after last use.Cocaine can affect the sperms directly and can hamper its quality and can cause serious brain malformations in foetuses if cocaine affected sperm fertilises the egg. Ideally a new sperm is produced in 75 days, so the old stock of sperms in epididymis which have now been affected with cocaine ideally needs to be emptied to reduce the risk and you shall need about 15-20 ejaculations after 3 weeks of complete removal of cocaine from system to eliminate the affected stored sperms and allow unaffected sperms to be stored. So if we calculate , 21 days is required for complete elimination , then 15-20 ejaculations =15-20 days + 75 days for production of fresh unaffected sperms , all provided you do not use cocaine again. So its approx 120 days, you should abstain from trying to conceive.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Most specialist say 76 days is very safe. I have the possibility to change to a week after. Will this be an option or is this also completely unsafe? What are the chanses something could go wrong. Could you also send this question for a second opinion since I see I sent the question twice to ATD and paid for the same question twice. Thank you

Doctor: I feel the safest would be 120 days gap from last cocaine usage. Though chances after 76 days is less but cannot be quantified with certainty. For your other query for second opinion, you may contact ATD support group please.

Patient: i sent the same question twice. Could you please refund the money for the other I also paid for. I paid twice with same questionby mistake

Doctor: you may please contact the support group. I am not the right person to contact .

Patient: Is it possible you could give your name as I wanted to reach a different doctor for second opinion. Thank you for your opinion though. I appreciate it. I will contact support for refund for billing me twice.

Doctor: Thanks for your query to us. Wish you the best.


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