My wife did not see a period for about four months

Patient: Dear Dr.My wife is 28. We have tried conceive for about two years and we have made it three times all of which ended up with early termination. The First one is a year and a month a go and she was 15 weeks pregnant, the second one is about 6months ago and she was about 5 weeks and the third one is about four months ago and she was 3 weeks pregnant.Since the last one in September its now going to be her fourth month by January 11, 2012 and she has not have any period. We did a pregnancy test, at home and hospital and it turned negative. We also have done chromosome check and it was all normal. A week ago we have done another blood check why her period is not coming and we are waiting the result.The problem now is she is having a pain around her embryo and she is in real pain, some times like a pregnant woman. She goes to wee now and then. We are planning to go to another check up. But treatments and solutions look overwhelming, please Dr. solve this mystery and give us answers as to what is going on with my wife.Thank you.Firmy from UK