My wife has a really small vaginal opening

Patient: Hi Doc..I am married since last 4 months. my wife has a really small vaginal opening. we have tried fingering many times but in causes pain while fingering. My penis is not able to penetrate into her vagina. my wife had never done fingering before marriage .she has regular menstrual cycle. Can you please suggest me some lotion or medicine which will be really helpful for us..?

Doctor: Hello,small vagina can be because of many reasons,it could be present conventionally or idiopathically where you need no t worry about any other abnormality of the body but just about small vagina,for which treatment would be a small surgical enlargement of vagina,which will be done by a gynaecologist.but,unfortunately there are no medicines to treat it .and,because now that you found a small vagina in her ,it’s also good to check out any other abnormalities,if present in the body,because generally small vagina is present as apart of few genitourinary syndromes,which could create problem during and after,its always good to treat them before conception which will be taken care by a gynaecologist.Happy married life.