My wife has problem passing out stoolsShe tried putting

Patient: My wife has problem passing out stools.She tried putting two shots of microlax and even used her finger to take out some solid stools. but there still some inside and her stomachache makes her felt terrible and weak. Is there any other ways to get the stools out asap. thks

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Sometimes in severe constipation low quantity enemas like m icrolax may not work.Severe constipation may indicate some underlying pathology.So, better to consult your doctor once and let your wife get examined.Large quantity enemas like proctoclysis etc may help better in this type of situations. So, she may go for them with your doctor’s advice.Clinical examination and ultrasound can help in finding out the possible cause of constipation and treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care.