My wife is 8 wk & 5 days pregnant as

Patient: My wife is 8 wk & 5 days pregnant as of today. There was a mild PERIGESTATIONAL HAEMOMORHAGE during the 5th week. But after taking medications now there is no Subchorionic hematoma (SCH) as of todays report.My question is can my wife take an Air travel of almost2 .1/2 hrs to her native on 27th of this month. Bcoz there is nobody here to take care of.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If the subchorionic hematoma has resolved and the pregnancy has a lready continued another 3 weeks since first sign of haemorrhage , its indicative of adequate placentation, however flight travel should ideally be avoided till 14th week of gestation. But if there is no body to take care of her at home, then flight can be undertaken but exertion should be kept at minimum with no lifting of luggage especially. You may go ahead with your plans.I hope i have an answered your query,Wishing her safe pregnancy,Regards

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Patient: Is there any risk associated on account of travelling by Air. I mean.. is there any chances of miscarriage just because we are travelling. She will not be handling any luggages. Only travelling. What are the risk percentage if any.. because this is our first baby.

Doctor: There should not be a risk. The pressure in the cabins are maintained so that shall not cause any problem at all, infact as placentation is adequate the risk should be minimal.