My wife(24yrs) has pcod We are trying to conceive

Patient: My wife(24yrs) has pcod. We are trying to Mconceive for 2 years, but no result. We went to infertility specialist 6 months ago. He started the treatment through medicines and one IUI. But all are failed. Then he has decided to go for IVF. In this ivf cycle 15 eggs are retrieved. Our doctor said My semen sample normal. Out of 15 eggs they put 8 eggs for IVF and 7 eggs for ICSI. Doctor said that all 8 IVF eggs failed to fertile because egg layer is very strong. And ICSI 5 eggs have been fertiled. He transferred 2 embryos today.he said that embryos quilty is good. Is there any birth defects for baby with ICSI process? Is it affects the IQ of the baby? What about the fertility status during their adulthood? Why my wife’s egg layer is very thick?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,ICSI is intracytoplasmic sperm injection where the sperm is introduced directly into t he ovum penetrating the corona-radiata layer of your wife’s egg which is generally very strong and doesn’t allow easy penetration. Hence, the normal IVF failed to fertilize. Now that the two healthy embryos have been transplanted they can grow as normal pregnancy now. Regarding the presence of any genetic defects, they should be confirmed prior to transfer with pre-genetic implantation diagnosis techniques. Once implanted then further analysis for the same can be done in early second trimester when screening for aneuploidies are done with triple screen marker or with amniocentesis technique. You may follow up with your physician for further details .I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards