My young son (8) often suffers with what we thought

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Patient: My young son (8) often suffers with what we thought was chapped lips. It gets very severe, is difficult to treat, and clears up only to happen again within a week to 10 days. I was looking more closely at his lips tonight and it looks more like a rash, or lots of tiny cold sores. I asked him to show me his mouth and the taste buds on his tongue seem very red and defined–almost rash like. His tonsils also look rashy. There are no white patches in his mouth or on his lips, and no other rash has appeared on his body. He isn’t complaining of pain or itchiness, has no fever, or other signs of illness. Could this be an allergic reaction to something he’s eaten? Does he need to be seen by a physician?

Symptoms: Rash

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AsktheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Yes, it could be an allergic reactio n, but since there are white patches on his tongue, the more likely diagnosis is bacterial infection.Kindly get him examined by a pediatrician to conform the diagnosis and if required he can put on a course of Amoxycillin.Hope this was helpful,Regards

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