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Mycoplasma urethrae and Ureoplasma urealyticum transmission

Patient: Are Mycoplasma urethra and Ureoplasma urealyticum only transmitted via fluid? Are all cases sexually transmitted?



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.Mycoplasma urethrae and Ureaplasma species are common com mensal inhabitants of the lower genitourinary tract in adolescents and adult men and women who are sexually active. The organisms can be transmitted venereally and vertically from mother to offspring. So if we talk about an adult male then yes it is sexually transmitted. But in cases of newborn it can be transmitted through the genital tract of the mother.In fact, we should not use the term Sexually transmitted disease for these Infections. The reason is that they are present normally in about 70% of Sexually active people. However, in few people the disbalance occurs and the infection grows excessively leading to symptoms like urethral discharge, lower abdominal pain.So following are your answers in clear words:1. No, they are not only transmitted by genital fluids. They can also be transmitted through genital skin to skin contact.2. No, they are not always Sexually transmitted as they can also be transmitted from mother to child during birth.I hope I am able to answer your query.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: Thank you for the reply. How does the disbalance occur? Does this mean that many people are fine and go untreated without any side effects? Can these organisms be passed on to a receptive partner during oral sex?

Doctor: Hello.
Disbalance usually occurs if a person has disturbed flora like due to long term Antibiotic use, immunosuppression.
Yes these organisms can pass through oral sex if the partner is carrying the infection on his/her genitals.
Stay Healthy.

Patient: Can this bacteria reside in the mouth and pass through orally from a persons mouth to genitals?

Patient: One last thing! Is this flora found in both men and woman? Also, if this flora is not disturbed, is one able to live with these organisms without any side effects?

Doctor: Hello.
Yes the flora is found in both man and women. Actually there are few harbouring organisms inside are body that constitutes the normal flora.
Yes if flora is not disturbed one can live normally and Healthy.

Patient: Mycoplasma urethrae and Ureaplasma can live in all parts of the male urethra, including the urethral meatus?

Doctor: Yes, it can.
Good Luck.


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