Mysterious breathing issues, rash, back pain.

Patient: I am 120 lbs. I went for a jog on a cold December day. I came home with shortness of breath, and havent been the same since. I went to the ER. The doctor told me I had reactive airways from the cold or excercise induced athsma, they gave me a 5 day steroid pack, and an albuterol inhaler. I followed up with a family doctor a week later, who gave me 100 over 50 advair and said my chest sounded a little tight. The advair was a 30 days dose, it didn’t solve the problem. I proceeded to a pulmonologist 3 hours away after the month on advair. They did in depth testing and ruled out athsma. He gave me 500 over 50 advair with an antibiotic for any POssible infection, as well as singular. Two weeks worth. It didn’t all completely help me. Shortly after medicine was done, i had a few days of relief, but I now experience lower left back pain when I can’t get a full breath, lower left hip pain, continued shortness of breath on and off both at rest and at work, and have somewhat of an itchy rash on both sides of my mouth. please tell me what is wrong with me? I am miserable and cant go back to work as a singer until my lungs are fully better i am so sad. thank you so much and may god bless you.