Mysterious Bug bites on my legs

Patient: I’m Irish and arrived in Texas a month ago for my 2nd time. This time for 3 months. On my second day here I began to notice bites on back bottoms of my legs. I put neosporin on them as I was told they were mosquitos. Eventually they got so bad after about 9 days that I had to visit the doctor as my relatives didn’t think they looked like mosquito bites. They are round, I only notice them when relaxing or in the morning, they blister and form a large amount of redness around them. They are extremely itchy. I have been taking 2 types of allergy tablets. (2 DURING DAY AND 2 DIFFERENT TABS AT NIGHT), I have been covering myself in mosquito repellent with DEET as high as 50% and I wear trousers and socks outside. I have tried neosporin with pain relief, hydrocortisone and calamine on the blisters and nothing seems to stop them from scaring/bruising. Do you have any idea what type of bug is biting me? I honestly ( and many others) don’t think it is mosquitos. I have received other bites that are itchy suddenly and my relatives tell me they are more like mosquito bites. Anothwr thing that may be of help although I am unsure. When I am in bed at night I almost immediately get a blocked nose and dose of sneezing. So irritating that I toss and turn for hours and use packets of tissues. I would be delighted with your help. Local doctors don’t seem too keen. Thank you,Ciara

Symptoms: Possible bites, itchiness, irritation, blisters, lower legs mostly ( only ever had 2 elsewhere – arms)

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Besides mosquitoes, Texas is home to a number of insects that can bite leaving rash like marks on your skin such as yours. These include, ants, chigger/mites, bedbugs, spiders, bees and wasps, deer ticks, and scorpions. The latter of these can be very painful so it is unlikely that you were bitten by any of these. What we are most concerned of are tick bites. Ticks carry a bacteria that can cause Lyme disease, which needs to be treated immediately. If your rash looks like a ‘bulls eye’, or a red circle with a clear pale center, please see a doctor, as this is tick bite. You can upload a picture of your bite so we would have a better idea of what organism caused it.You can apply some topical hydrocortisone cream to the bites in order to reduce the inflammation, and help with the itching. However, we do recommend you return to your physician if you develop flu like symptoms, joint pains, weakness in arms and legs, and confusion.Thank you for choosing