Mysterious discharge

Patient: I’m getting brown discharge, what is it? My period is irregular. Its recently just been late by like a week and a half. But now it’s about to be 2 months. I’ve had missed my period for a few months but not recent. I had sex Nov. 22. The condom broke but he did not cum. I also understand that precum can also get you preg. I do not know when I ovulate bc my period is all messed up. When I had sex I wasn’t fertilized or ovulating. I’m currently 24 days late and I honestly do not know what to do. I have no syptoms of pregnancy, just gotten bigger in stomach. So what can it be?

Symptoms: No symptoms. Just bloated stomach.

Mysterious discharge-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you were not ovulating during the time of intercourse, the re is less possibility of pregnancy.To be sure you can go for urine pregnancy test once.Sometimes premenstrual spotting can be seen due to hormonal imbalance.Possibly the brown discharge you are having could turn into regular menstrual flow.Irregularity in menstrual cycles can occur due to many causes like gonadal hormonal imbalance, thyroid hormonal abnormalities etc.Better to get evaluated regarding the cause of your menstrual irregularity and take treatment accordingly to prevent these type of problems in future.Take care.