Nack and shoulder pain: Mechanical upper back pain

Patient: I have shoulder and nack pain. iam a house wife my age is 30.pleas help me.

Doctor: In the view of your young age with no previous history of similar episodes and no other symptoms as tingling or numbness most likely you are experiencing a mechanical upper back pain, produced by the straining of that segment of the spine, produced by stress to an affected area of neck and shoulder. The conservative treatment of the upper back pain is basically relative rest of the spinal segment involved, avoiding all the activities that produce pain or discomfort, such as weight lifting or others stress that bring up the pain. Also very important is the reeducation to keep a good posture at all times. Control of the pain and inflammation with Ice, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Motrin, Aleve). Try to keep a consistent exercise routine with stretching and extension-flexion which may reduce tension and stress to the spinal joints. A home program is developed within the tolerance and ability to encourage you to continue exercising after discharge from physical therapy.