Nail and hair loss.

Patient: Good day, dear Doctors .My mom is suffering from unknown illness. She is 52 years old , her fingernails keep falling off, cracking , sometimes bleeding ; her hair sometimes fall out too, not entirely but massively. Hair became thin, so she had to have it cut boy short. She has no health insurance and speaks very little english, so she had everything tested in a different country assuming it was Lupus, but results came negative. Her thyroid also was in great condition.Problems started occurring 4 years ago,around the time she started to go through menopause. she thought it could be osteoporosis, but doesn’t look like it because her intake of calcium would help.Additional information about my mommy:Her diet is very good , lots of organic and vegetable intake, lots of supplements from health food stores. even some exercise at gym and on fresh air.She usually drinks very hot tea (my personal concern) and very hot soups (part of our tradition) and washes dishes by hands in a hot water. also she cleans a lot in the house (every day) and i was thinking if her Nail problem could result from chemical cleansers (lots of chlorine).Also She used to have colitis inflammation of the stomach) many years ago and the only other problem she has now is hypertension , but it’s controlled by a medication ( Lisinopril) she’s taking proscribed by a local doctor who speaks her language (private office). He doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, just taking cash to proscribe medications. She can’t afford going to a real clinic – financial wise and time wise she works 55 hours a week. she reads everything she can online to find out all the natural ways to treat her problems. what can be done? what could be the reasons for her nail and hair loss (especially nails). SHe hit her finger accidently yesterday and there was this wound from the crack, she cried. I dont know how to help and what to do. Please , doctors. Help me to help her by figuring out how to get her nails growing back.thank you very muchKristina