Nail Fungus

Patient: Hi,I have nail fungus. My father and brother have it too. (Is there such a thing as being genetically more suspectible to toenail fungus? ). My toenail was damaged and there was blood in the nail, after a while the nail started to get thicker and now all my nails have fungus. I went to a doctor 4 years ago and he removed the toenail. I didn’t even have an ingrown nail at that time and after the removal the shape of the nail has changed and now i have an ingrown toenail. I cut it to ease the pain. What i want to ask is what should i do? Should i start oral treatment? I’m really afraid of it because of the possible liver damage and i’m out all day so my feet are in a closed environment almost all the time, wouldn’t this trigger the fungus again after using all the medication? And is the laser treatment effective? I asked the doctor first he said that it was new and uneffective because they didn’t have the laser treatment at that time. The next time i went to him he said that it was effective. (The hospital has bought the machine). I lost my trust to doctors and i don’t know what to do please help me.Thanks in advance.

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