Naproxen sodium can it cause confusion

Patient: My grandmother recently started taking naproxen sodium for pain in her foot,ever since she started taking it she often looses balance,gets confused a lot,and is often irritated just basically not herself could what she is taking be causing it

Symptoms: Irritability,confusion,loss of balance

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I have read your query in detail, I understand your concern.I suppose by mistake y ou have mentioned your age in personal details. Considering that your grand mother is 60 years plus of age, I will not recommend use of Naproxen sodium or any pain killer. Most important is to find out the cause of pain in her foot. Most common reasons at this age are bony pains due to osteoporosis, Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Diabetic neuropathy. So, get her evaluated for these.As far as your query is concerned, yes Naproxen sodium can cause irritability, confusion by itself. However, very important here is to rule out Vitamin B12 Deficiency.Stop using Naproxen. Report your treating physician. Get her investigated.This is my personal opinion based on details available here.Stay Healthy.