Nasal alergy

Patient: Heloo sir i am having nasal alergy when i came to dubai and especially in closed room and in AC ,here the temperature is very hot where i cant live without AC.i am using airus tablets (desloratadine).it has working b4 but now its looks it works not that much .plz help me in this regards

Symptoms: sneezing,,,close nose,,,,cant breath while sleep by nose

Doctor: ‘Dust mite’ is the commonest cause of nasal allergy, especially in a closed AC room with carpetting. Other common allerg ens being molds or Fungi. They grow inside the AC ducts system and their spores are released indoors with the airflow. You need to first consult an Allergy Specialist, for a proper evaluation of your allergy status. An ‘Allergy Skin Prick Test’ may be recmmended, to ascertain the cause of your nasal allergy. Other modalities of treatment like, corticosteroid nasal sprays are safe and more effective than the conventional (oral) anti-allergic medication. It reduces the duration and dose of oral therapy and has no systemic side effects.