Nasal allergy for years

Patient: I have been suffering from nasal allergy for 2 years.. feel itching n irritation in nose,eyes,throat..also having prenasal drip..GIT remains always discomfort.. can nt digest ant food … n have sore tongue also.. doc recomamnded me daktarin oral gel ..but no outcomes

Symptoms: always sore throat . itching in eyes ,nose n throat.. and fever

Doctor: You are suffering from ENT manifestations of allergy along with indigestion. They may or may not be related conditions. Since, certain types of food intolerance (like lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance) may also lead to vague abdominal symptoms like abd. discomfort/cramps, loose motions/ vomitings or occasionally oral ulcerations. You should immediately consult an Allergy Specialist to get a comprehensive allergy test done to identify and rule out various Environmental and Food allergens as the cause of your symptoms. Avoidance measures along with symptomatic therapy would then be beneficial for long term relief and prevention of further complications.

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Patient: thank u doctor… i will try to consult an allergen doc as soon as possible