Nasal discharge – what is wrong?

Patient: I have a question. There is a friend who is 35 and has been sick for about 2 months. He has been vomiting, coughing and not able to eat much. He has lost probably about 15-20 lb. This morning after coughing, his left nostril started running with clear and yellow fluid. He is very pale, doesn’t have a fever but the liquid has a strange taste to it. what should we do, he doesn’t have insurance, but I think something is wrong

Doctor: In my opinion the drainage from the nose could be the result of drainage from an infected sinus. I would suggest your fr iend to consult an otolaryngologist for further evaluation. Viewing the sinuses through a fiberoptic scope may help diagnose sinusitis. Treatment will include antibiotics and surgery to clean and drain the sinuses if necessary.